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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Tessa!

Today I do not have a stamping post, but I do have a birthday cake post! I just finished Tessa's birthday cake and had to share it with you.

Tomorrow Tessa will be 5 years old! Although we will have a party for her in September so she can invite school friends, we are having small party with family and our godsons this afternoon.

She's been waiting for months to turn 5 so that she can climb the 32 foot rock wall at the YMCA. She's been watching her sisters and I climb for the last several months, so she has been counting the days until she can climb. Today is the day! We are headed to the rock wall to climb and then after, we'll have burgers and hot dogs, and of course, birthday cake.

Usually I only make theme cakes for their parties with all their friends, but since she is climbing the rock wall for the first time, we decided to make a rock wall cake.

Here is one picture of Tessa with her cake. I made the wall out of chocolate rice krispy treats and M&Ms for hand holds. I did the colors of the routes that are marked on the wall- blue, orange, red and green. I surrounded the wall with crushed cookies to look like the shredded tires they use for the soft landing. The little climber is sculpted using modeling chocolate. The climbing ropes are also made of modeling chocolate. My friend Shawna is a cake baker/decorator and made the suggestion that I make my own modeling chocolate and it worked wonders! The frosting is simple homemade butter cream frosting. We used orange for the sentiment and on the bottom because orange is her favorite color. She's climbing the blue route because that is the first route she wants to try this afternoon.

God Bless, Happy Stamping and Happy Baking!

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