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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Golf Party Part 3

Now for the golf course. Most of the holes were constructed using boxes with holes cut in them because I didn't think it would be a good idea to dig holes in our front yard. As I mentioned before, Tessa selected themes for each hole and I then decorated the boxes to represent the theme. I cut holes in the side of each box and then put a cup into the hole so it was easy to retrieve the ball after they sunk their shot. I don't have pictures of all the holes, but I'll post the ones I have.

Our first hole was a sand trap. Here, they just had to dig in a box of sand to find a colored ping pong ball which would become their golf ball. The box was cut and decorated as a sand castle and I put some sea shells around the box. We wrote each child's name on their ball.

The second hole was a music theme hole. I decorated the box with music notes and Hannah Montana pictures that I printed from the Disney website. I cut a hole in one of the music notes and the tee was a drum set that belongs to my son.

Hole three was the soccer themed hole. I used a retired Stampin' Up!™ set (I Love Soccer) to decorate the box and made the front look like a goal net. I cut the hole in the front of the box. Before the hole, I lined up some small orange cones which I use during soccer practice and they had to weave in and out of the cones before hitting it into the box.

The fourth hole was the kitty hole. I wrapped fuzzy yellowish fabric around the box, added a tail and face. The hole was the mouth of the cat.

The fifth hole was the birthday cake hole. I painted this box to resemble the cake I had made, including a candle and little golfer.

The sixth hole was a rock climbing wall. I made a fake rock wall out of some thick Styrofoam and cut hole toward the bottom. Then they just had to hit the ball through the hole and go to the next one.
The seventh hole was the dog hole. For this hole, I made the box look like a dog house. For fun, I added some croquet wickets in front of the hole.

The eighth hole was our water hazard. I used a plastic pan and I cut a frog lily pad out of craft foam and cut a hole in the foam to allow for a small cup. I also floated some plastic frogs in the water.

The final hole was also a birthday theme. I used a giant gift bag on this hole. I put a small box in the bottom of the bag for stability. I cut a hole in the side of the bag as well as the box.

After a round or two of golf, we headed to the 19th Hole (our dining room) for some food- tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, chips, veggies, and popcorn. After supper, we had some cake and opened presents. Before leaving, each party goer got to select a party favor bag from our Pro Shop. They also got to take home their golf club, ball and visors.

I made a map of the golf course using power point. I used this both on the score cards and I posted it at the start of the course.

There you have it, a wonderful and fun golf party, easy to adapt for any child based on their age and personality. Feel free to email me with any questions!

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